Coming Here

Coming Here

Alonnissos is accessible solely from the sea, as the island does not have its own airport. Nevertheless, the ship routes to and from the island are quite often, especially during the summer months. If you choose to come on your own yatch, you may dock at the island’s marina.

Patiri, which serves as Alonnissos port, is 15 kilometers away from the apartments. We may pick you up from the port if you request so (by phone or through the contact form of this website).

The road network of the island is developed mainly in its southeast part of the island, while dirt roads allow access to the beaches on the west. Car and motorbike rentals operate on the island.

Ship routes

Departure Port Intermediate Stations Routes
1 Volos Skiathos, Skopelos Hellenic Seaways, NEL Lines
2 Agios Konstantinos Skiathos, Skopelos NEL Lines
3 Kimi, Evoia Skyros Skyros Shipping Company

Exact routes and timetables are available at the portal.

Air Connection

The closest airports are located on Skiathos Island (JSI) and at Nea Aghialos, near Volos (VOL). You may use flight search engines, like SkyScanner, to find flights from your location to these airports.

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